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About me - Party and Wedding DJ Dave Jones

It’s never easy to write about yourself without sounding like you are blowing your own trumpet or inadvertently giving the impression you live in your own world. The written word can sometimes be misconstrued or taken out of context, therefore, I will keep this section fairly light hearted. I have been spinning tunes from the tender age of 13, so to say I’m an experienced DJ could be a slight understatement. I have memories of playing tunes from vinyl records back in the day and that certainly ignites feelings of nostalgia of days gone by. Incidentally, I still have all my old vinyl record collection stored in my garage and occasionally I take them out of storage and experience a little walk down memory lane. There's something really special about owning vinyl records, the smell, the feel, the sound quality and visual creases on the covers, and even the occasional beer stain takes me right back to the moment when each particular track was a hit. So many memories and emotions flood back, and I suppose that's the magic of music!

A good life is made of good memories

I was once at an event many years ago and during a speech I heard a wise man say to his daughter ‘a good life is made of good memories’.Those very words resonated with me, how very true. Music is always the soundtrack to your life whatever is going on, good, bad, happy or sad. (I think I have just stolen Al Greens lyrics from the song ‘let's stay together’.) In other words, music is life! Naturally, I have a real love for music from all genres and decades, from the very old to the very latest. I may be getting a little long in the tooth, but I can still get down with trendy young ones and rock the dance floor with the latest tunes. Having a real love for all kinds of music has enabled me to be extremely dynamic in being a Bo Selecta (Yes, that's another musical pun). The skill to read the room, be dynamic and skilful as a DJ is probably the main reason why potential clients read this section, so without sounding like I’m actually blowing my own trumpet or living in my own world, I can sincerely assure you that you are in safe hands if you choose me to be your DJ.


Professionally equipped for the job

The use of high end professional equipment certainly gives piece of mind in relation to reliability. However, it’s not just about reliable equipment, high end equipment makes a massive difference to the sound quality and aesthetics of the DJ’s setup. Looking good and sound good is vital for the success of any party or celebration. For extra piece of mind, I also carry backup equipment for absolutely everything, Even though I have never had any of my equipment fail, I have a plan B for every eventuality.

Note for Wedding DJ clients

Weddings are one of my specialities, if your event is a wedding, it’s essential you book a DJ that knows weddings inside out so everything runs perfect on your big day. I always meet with wedding clients before the big day for an in-depth consultation that covers everything you can think off and a fair amount of stuff you haven’t even thought about or considered. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to chat about your wedding.

Music selection

I’m always very happy to play request, many of my clients email me a list of songs, but ultimately your guests are best judge on the night. Although I'm extremely skilled at knowing what and when to play particular tunes to get the party rocking, it's always the audience that know best what they want to get down to on the dance floor. I can switch to any style, any decade, any genre and I always play request. I have a vast music selection to accommodate all musical taste! Below are just a few examples of genres I get asked for!

Rock and Roll
70’s Disco
Electric 80’s
old skool 90’s
the naughties
Dance music
Current charts
.....and more!

80's experience

How time flies, when I was a teenager in the mid to late 1980’s, local pubs used to host 1960’s nights and although the 60’s was not my favourite decade at the time due to me being funky cool teenager, these themed events seemed to pack out venues every weekend. (the use of the term ‘funky cool teenager’ is perhaps slightly sarcastic. Boy George, The Pet Shop Boys and the Cure would have called the fashion police about my dress sense). Fast forward to the present day and we now have the advantage of the many musical decades to explore, look back on or even discover if you are a spring chicken, and the 1980’s was evidently an amazing decade for music, it’s certainly the most popular, fun and nostalgic decade from my observations from being behind the decks. The reasons for this could be young music lovers are discovering their parents music collection or the very fact that music from the 80’s was so fast varied in style yet at the same time it had the emerging production technologies behind it that set the audio quality light years ahead of any other previous decades. Whatever the reason for the current popularity of the 1980’s music, it seems to fill the dance floor with all age groups.

I have been a master of music selection and filling the dance floor for various events throughout my many years as a DJ, from rock and roll to mixing the latest EDM, experience has taught me well. However, my favourite decade is still the 1980’s. Not only was the 80’s an important part of my youth, it offered an amazing musical journey that has become an iconic part of music history. If you are planning an eighties themed event, go and checkout some of my mixes on the mixcloud page or like the 80’s experience Facebook page if you would like to attend an 80’s night.

PAT Test certification

There is currently no strict legal requirement for PAT testing. However The Government has put regulations into place that relates to the maintenance of electrical appliances and the most effective way to ensure that these regulations are met is PAT testing. So even though PAT testing itself is not legally required, it ensues compliance with the government regulations and laws, and compliance is required for the venues insurance policies to be effective. In other words, the hotel or venues insurances will be void if they allow a DJ to operate on their premises without having PAT tested equipment and relevant certificates.

Most venues now require the DJ to prove they have their equipment tested at regular intervals and insist on seeing the certificates well in advance of the planned events date. I have my equipment tested every 12 months and can supply certificates upon request. 

Public Liability insurance

It’s always a good idea to have every eventuality covered. Just like PAT testing, most venues require the DJ to have public liability insurance in order to operate on their premises. This type of insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against the business; for example, the venue suffers damage due to the DJ’s equipment. Regardless of which service you book for your event, it's always wise to ask the venue if any of your suppliers require any relevant certification to work on the venues premises.

Please do not hesitate to contact me If you would like any advice on any of the information posted on my page, Even if you have booked someone else, I'm always happy to help and advise, simply drop me and email, add me on Facebook or call my mobile anytime: 07525340867